The Pain Exchange


Classes run 10am - 11:15 and 12:15 - 1:30pm


Spring term 2019 7th Jan - 15th Apr

Monday 7th Jan          Exercise classes per normal   

Monday 25th Feb       Spring half term                                                               

Monday 1st Apr           Classes/with education/ Nutrition workshop     

Monday 1st Apr           Classes/fill in outcomes forms & goals/ Easter lunch 



Summer term 2019   3rd Jun - 22nd Jul       

Monday 3rd Jun           Exercise classes per normal   

Mon 6th/27th May       Bank holidays  

Monday 15th Jul           Exercise & advice classes/energy boosting lunch 

Monday 22nd Jul          Classes/fill in outcomes forms 



Autumn term 2019 9th Sep - 2nd Dec

Monday 9th Sep         Assessment and goal setting   

Monday 21st Oct         Autumn half term    

Monday 11th Nov        Education day          

Monday 2nd Dec         Last classes