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What happens to the money that you donate at the Pain Exchange?

Main costs of running the project in 2019

Staff costs  (physio, art & nutrition)                                                            £6,407.50

Insurance                                                                                                             £243.18

Rent                                                                                                                       £3,158

Website                                                                                                                £43.06

New equipment and materials                                                                      £404.22

Total                                                                                                                       £10,255.96                                                                                 

Extra costs for 2020 forecast at £6,000

1.  A second paid physiotherapist to help in the assessment of clients, and plan and 

    lead exercise and relaxation classes. We are also looking for volunteers to help welcome 

    clients and serve refreshments.

2.  Money will be allocated to a new arm of the project. This will take the form of a group 

     session of 8, led by a qualified Psychotherapy Counselor to help address psychological  

     components associated with chronic pain, starting with fear and anxiety.

What patients say:

Follow this link to get feedback from some of our patients.

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Thank you so much if you have already supported us! Any amount that you donate is gratefully received with our thanks, as the smallest amount helps to cover the costs . 

All donations are used to help fund the work for the PEX

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