The Pain Exchange


What happens to the money that you donate at the Pain Exchange?

Main costs of running the project in 2017

Physiotherapy staff costs                                                                               £570

Art workshop costs (staff and materials)                                                  £257

Nutrition Workshops (staff and Materials )                                              £158

Rent                                                                                                                       £1800

Administration staff and website                                                                 £600

New equipment and renewables                                                                  £700

Total                                                                                                                       £4085                                                                                 

Extra costs for 2018 forecast at £10,000

1.  A second paid physiotherapist

2.  An Art project with a view to exhibiting Art produced at the Pain Exchange in  

     local  Community gallery.

3.  Extra administration costs eg:  service evaluation report and Staff training

What patients say:

Follow this link to get feedback from some of our patients.


Any amount that you donate is gratefully received with our thanks, the smallest amount helps to cover the costs .

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Thank you!