The Pain Exchange


by Leidy Moreno


As the weeks pass most of us seem to be experiencing the unknown, uncertainty, overload of negative news and constant online socialising.  It is very likely that we are feeling overwhelmed  perhaps tired and very busy in different ways that are new to us.

I’m inviting you to continue exploring a bit of art

Art offers a space where we can separate ourselves a bit from the negative thoughts and help us to focus on something positive and creative and in that way we  have self- compassion and we are looking after ourselves.

Looking around my kitchen I noticed that I’m not only feeding my tummy and the ones around me but I’m feeding my  sense of sight  and perhaps my soul too.

Observing the colours around me  definitively cheers me up and makes me feel happy!

I rediscovered the art of Maya Kopitseva - colouring the everyday!

She was inspired by colours ,textures of fruits, dishes and objects found around the kitchen.

Shall we give it a go!

What do we need:

Watercolour or colour pencils, or felt tip markers, oil paste. image 1 

For paper if you use watercolour better to use watercolour paper and paint brush

Ah of course a bowl of fruit or vegetables

image 2

First drawing of basket of fruit, I used pastels with a bit of watercolour A3 landscape format.

Don’t be precious about it spend only 10 minutes max.

Look for dark and light areas.


Image 3  

I used watercolour portrait format this time. Spend a little bit more time look more closely.  A3 size paper.

Image 4

Image 4 

The two images together different formats and different materials.

image 5

Image 5  

Spend more time making the next image, prepare the background with a colour wash, I used pink! Can be any colour…

Draw your bowl of fruit gently

Image 6

Image 6 

Once you are happy with your drawing start painting or colouring the image. I used makers and watercolour. I mainly used yellows and the  complementary colour purple, Try different combinations.

Enjoy making yours!